Impact journalism

If you think young people don’t read the papers, think again. If you think what they read in the papers doesn’t matter to them, think again.

UNC point guard Kendall Marshall had the best game of his college career against N.C. State last night. Yesterday morning, the News & Observer published a player-by-player matchup of the two basketball teams.¬†What the N&O said about Marshall vs. State’s Lorenzo Brown:

“Depends on which version of Lorenzo Brown shows up. If it’s the passive one from the first meeting in Chapel Hill, then it’s Marshall all day, every day. If it’s the Brown who had 19 points, six rebounds and five assists at Duke, and was aggressive with the ball, then it’s the multi-faceted Brown over the one-dimensional Marshall. Edge: Brown.”

From TarHeelBlue: “Marshall read it once. Then read it again. ‘The multi-faceted Brown over the one-dimensional Marshall,’ it said. He raised his eyebrows and harrumphed. All he said was, ‘Who wrote that?’ Then he was off to class.”

And several hours later, he scored 22 points, had 13 assists and zero turnovers.

OK, maybe he read the N&O because it was put before his face, but still, I’m counting it. Of course, State fans who read the N&O may storm the place.