Guy Munger, RIP

Guy Munger was my friend. Even though we hadn’t spoken¬†in 25 years, I’m sure he considered me his friend, too. That’s the kind of guy he was. He died on Valentine’s Day, and his funeral was today in Raleigh.

We worked together at the News & Observer. I was a reporter; he was the book editor and, I think, the Commentary section editor. He was one of the first people I met there and certainly among the nicest. (He also worked as a reporter for the Greensboro Daily News in the 50’s, well before I landed at the News & Record.) I wrote several Tar Heels of the Week for Guy. He was a precise, careful, loving editor. His assignments to me were inspired, and he nurtured my progress¬†every step of the way. Truth be told, that wasn’t that common in those days.

He was a good man in a tough business.