Taxation without representation

For those playing at home, that’s an acknowledgement from the N.C. Attorney general that there will in fact be no one elected to the District 6 seat or the at-large seat until 2014 — which means almost 43,000 Guilford County voters, an eighth of the county, will be without representation on the board of commissioners.

If there is a better illustration of politicians putting politics over the people they purport to represent, I’d like to hear it.


Free speech: Trying to control the uncontrollable

The local Tea Party group, Conservatives for Guilford County, is threatening to sue the county commissioners over a policy governing multi-media presentations in front of the board.

Such an unnecessary waste of time.

It started when the group used the public comment portion of the commissioners’ meeting to show a video that endorsed candidates. That upset some commissioners and the board passed restrictions. Conservatives for Guilford County then requested agenda time to show another presentation objecting to the restrictions. The chairman of the commissioners denied the group a place on the agenda.

I don’t know the number of people who watch the meetings on television — I’m one who does — but I suspect it’s no “American Idol” … or maybe “Survivor” is a more appropriate analogy. Had the commissioners simply given the group its three minutes in the spotlight, ignored the message and moved to the next speaker, who would have noticed? Not many. But this is what happens when you try to control a message that you have no business — or realistic hope — trying to control.

Now, it’s a story on the front page of the paper, the commissioners appear to want to squelch free speech, and the conservatives involve the American Civil Liberties Union, a connection that gives me my smile for the morning.