The media are liberal. Big deal.

OK, brace yourself. The media have a left-leaning bias. The most liberal of all?

They find some interesting answers: most of the media does have a liberal bias (throwing out the editorial page, the Wall Street Journal is the most liberal of all, even beating the New York Times!). Fox News is one of the few outlets that is right of center.

But that study was done before Murdoch bought the paper. So, a later study, done in 2010, came to a more pointed conclusion:

The most important factor driving the slant of a given newspaper is the political leaning of the people who buy it. In other words, newspapers are giving the people the news that they want.

My experience at the News & Record suggests to me that this conclusion is inherently true. One indicator is how often winning political candidates also won the News & Record’s endorsement.

I know the argument about media bias will never end. Confirmation bias will continue. As Danny Kahneman said, “We think other people are biased. We don’t feel that we’re biased.”