News while abroad

Need a reason that journalists should travel? How about that journalists can find hard-edged local news stories anywhere, even on the other side of the world?

Bruce Siceloff, a reporter for the News & Observer and a friend of mine, traveled to India recently. While there, he saw a billboard featuring a photgraph familiar to most North Carolinians — Eve Carson, the UNC student body president who was murdered four years ago.

Why was her image there on a roadside in India?

The billboards advertise Jubeerich Consultancy, a company that appears to offer overseas study opportunities and job placement, mainly in Western countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.The firm’s website features a photograph of 20 attractive, mostly blond, young people, and bills Jubeerich as “The Trusted Name Since 1999.”   

Read the whole article by Bruce and Jane Stancill to get the full extent of the outrage perpetrated on Carson’s memory.