Sunday sampler

My friends at the News & Observer have been busy. Some great stories from the front pages of North Carolina’s Sunday papers.

Legislators— From the N&O. How our elected officials and those who influence them spend their off hours. It’s not pretty. A legislator in a bow tie spots a young woman in a sundress and kisses her on the cheek. A young legislative aide with a bare midriff cradles a beer and tilts her head back to laugh at something a legislator said. A male lobbyist wanders by just in time to hear the punch line. Nearby, legislative aides whisper about peers rumored to be sleeping with legislators and lobbyists.

Business — From the N&O. A tax break for businesses that will cost the state $336 million a year. So the break will go to roughly 460,000 business owners of all sorts, including equity partners in law firms, doctors and dentists with thriving practices, even lobbyists who patrol the legislature. It also includes some state lawmakers who are business owners.State & Carolina— From the N&O. A comparison of how the UNC Board of Governors handled the Valvano scandal of the 1980s and the Butch Davis scandal of the 2000s. It doesn’t make Wolfpack nation happy.Elections— From the Charlotte Observer. Want to see a waste of public money? Try the primary runoff system. We have 15 of them and they will cost between $7 million and $8 million.

Public salaries —┬áThe Asheville Citizen has a nice juxtaposition on its front page in stories about public salaries. Here are the headlines. “Longtime county managers case in” and “Police, fire pay lower in Asheville.”