When coaches and refs cuss: what he said

Did referee Brian Dorsey curse at N.C. State Coach Mark Gottfried in yesterday’s ACC semi-final match between Carolina and State? Apparently so.

During the game, Adam Smith of the Burlington Times-News tweeted: Gottfried: “That’s a charge!” Ref Brian Dorsey: “Shut your #$%^&& ass up!” He went on to tweet that the word preceding ass started with an f.

State fans erupted. Already incensed at the officiating, the exchange heightened things.

For decades, all but two of the Atlantic Coast Conference institutions have almost uniformly acknowledged that the conference has a major problem with officiating incompetence and double standards. Maybe some of the ‘good’ news about yet ANOTHER public implosion of John Swofford and John Clougherty’s officiating cabal will be some change is on the way.

That’s from statefansnation. I won’t quote from any of the comment boards.

Ed Hardin of the News & Record tells a slightly different story in his column for the newspaper (in the e-edition):

“That’s (expletive)!” Mark Gottfried, the N.C. State coach screamed at referee Brian Dorsey in the chaotic closing seconds of the game. “That’s a (expletive) charge!”

Dorsey cussed right back at Gottfried.

Then later:

Gottfired was told to “back up” more than once, and his red-faced glare was ignored throughout the game. He could have been teed up any number of times.

In the end, Gottfried was pounding his fist into his hands and screaming vulgarities at the top of his lungs at Dorsey.

I couldn’t find any other reference to the exchange in other papers. Perhaps sportwriters are simply used to the cursing on the sidelines. What fan hasn’t been able to read the lips of coaches and players cussing at officials, at each other and to themselves? Say what you will about the wholesome educational atmosphere engendered at our state institutions.

I looked at the Burlington Times-News this morning to see how Adam Smith described the incident for his non-Twitter readers, but see no reference to the Gottfried-Dorsey conversation. (I looked online; I could have missed it.) I’ve messaged editor Madison Taylor about it. I will post his response when I get it.

Update: Actually, Madison wrote about it on his blog. (I should have known. He’s the best blogging editor in the state.)

Because I was monitoring the game on Twitter and watching on TV, I saw Adam’s post when he sent it. I knew right away it could be radioactive. I follow a lot of sports writers and fans. I already knew the N.C. State crowd was seething — and with decent reason. Not long after the game, State Fans Nation, a blog that covers Wolfpack athletics for fans picked up on Adam’s observation. By then, it had a life of its own.

“I’m a little uncomfortable about it to tell you the truth,” Adam told me. “It’s not like this never happens.”

Adam went on to explain that language among coaches is frequently of the &##^#& variety, especially when dealing with officials — Gottfried included. He didn’t see any reason not to report this exchange.

It goes on. Read the whole thing.