Sunday sampler

I took a break because I was uninspired by what I saw. I’m back.

Carteret County: The Department of Social Services received 66 child protective services reports in March, more than double February’s number and March of 2020. The News-Times doesn’t really explain what’s happening, but I’m glad it’s on the case.

Hickory: Businesses post-pandemic can’t find enough employees. Employers – and many of my acquaintances blame government unemployment benefits. Me, I like this opinion from John Quintero: “Typically what happens that we don’t talk about is we try to make it about the workers: ‘What’s wrong with them? Is unemployment too generous?’ … What we never really talk about is, are employers adjusting their wages and their compensation packages?”

Morganton: Republican legislators are at it again, politicizing things that don’t need politicizing. This time it’s schools. A bill has been introduced to make the school board politically partisan. The News Herald made several attempts to get comment from the legislator who introduced the bill, but he didn’t respond. But it has plenty of discussion from officials who oppose it, and their reasons all make sense.

Meanwhile, the paper also has a story about two historians giving a history lesson about the Confederate monument downtown that the Burke Board of Commissioners have declined to take action on. I like their style. The story isn’t posted on the paper’s website that I can find.

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  1. You might want to keep an eye on how the Daily Advance — already painfully understaffed — handles the biggest story in northeast NC in ages. So far the newsroom seems to be scrambling admirably but the job seems overwhelming….

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