Sunday sampler, Trump acquitted

Observations of N.C. front pages when they could have done something special with the acquittal of President Trump for the second time. (Thanks to for the images below.)

The state’s largest papers – Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston and Greensboro – featured the story, with interesting twists. Raleigh and Winston featured the Senator Burr vote to convict, which was the big surprise of the day. Charlotte had a national story with no mention of the Burr vote. Burlington, Jacksonville and New Bern also had various versions of the impeachment story.

As is their wont, many smaller papers didn’t publish anything about impeachment on their front pages. That’s Morganton, Mooresville, Carteret County, McDowell, Kannapolis and Hendersonville. Notably, two larger papers – Asheville and Fayettevile – didn’t feature the story on their front pages.

I’m not sure if I prefer the reason that Asheville and Fayetteville ignored the story on their front pages because of deadlines or community interest. The vote happened about 4 p.m. so it doesn’t seem as if deadlines would be the cause. You could argue that the vote for acquittal was pre-ordained and not “new news,” but Burr’s vote wasn’t. That was and is news.