Sunday sampler

Raleigh: Andrew Carter is one of the premier journalists in the state these days, finding and writing the hell out of stories. He does it again with this piece on Warren County high school being told through its basketball team. (And South Granville’s basketball coach should be ashamed of himself.) I can’t encapsule it; just read it.

Charlotte: The hastag Everything Trump Touches Dies really is true. This time it pertains to Mark Martin, once respected N.C. Supreme Court chief justice. The Charlotte Observer writes of his connection as legal adviser to Donald Trump during his two-month fight to remain as president. “According to the Times, Martin advocated a “radical” constitutional interpretation giving Vice President Mike Pence the authority to reject any state election returns he deemed fraudulent — a theory that legal scholars across the political spectrum dismissed as nonsensical and which even Pence, one of Trump’s most loyal allies, refused to embrace.”

New Bern: The Sun Journal has a fascinating look at the racial disparities of housing in New Bern. Yes, how Black residents were moved out of their homes to make way for “revitalization.” “Since 1980, homes in New Bern’s white neighborhoods have increased in value nearly four times faster than homes in the city’s predominately Black neighborhoods. In the starkest case, a two-bedroom home of about 1,000 square feet in the historic district recently sold for $500,000. That same census tract includes homes of the same size that have been bought this year for $6,000 or even less.”