Sunday sampler

If you pick up the local paper in Winston-Salem, Statesville, New Bern, Morganton, Jacksonville, Marion, High Point or Hickory, the insurrection at the nation’s capitol isn’t front page news. COVID is. And, in some places, snow and Gov. Cooper’s goals. Also, a new town manager here, a man turning 100 years old there.

But nothing on the assault on democracy.

Should there be? These are newspapers focused on local, community news. Do they have anything to offer the discussion that deserves the front page on Sunday, the day most newspapers emphasize the most?

Yes, of course, they do. What happened in Washington is a local story. It’s the story most people are talking about, as evidenced by this piece┬áby Andrew Carter in the N&O, focusing on the discussion at a rural barbershop. North Carolinians were involved in the insurrection. Congressmen representing many of the communities voted to oppose to the certification of Biden’s victory in Arizona and/or Pennsylvania. Trump could be removed from office. There are plenty of stories still to be told.

Maybe the editors decided readers didn’t need more. Maybe they decided they had better stories. Normally, I would say they don’t want wire stories on the front page, but plenty publish wire stories there.

But you might think that an assault on democracy — upholding democratic values is something most journalists feel deeply — is front page news four days later. Particularly when journalists are singled out.

Based on the Newseum’s front pages site, the state’s larger newspapers — Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Asheville, Fayetteville, Burlington, and even little Carteret County — feature at least one story about the assault on their front pages.

On the other hand:

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  1. I would have hoped that at the very least, local papers would have gotten their congresscritters on the record about the riot, about the rioters, about the treason (“levying arms against the United States”), about the 25th Amendment, about impeachment. And done it on the front page. But no.

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