Impeachment? Really, no big deal

The president was impeached for a second time yesterday, and to some N.C. newspapers, it was about as important as a school board meeting. Small headlines or it’s not the lead story of the day. Or it’s not on the front page at all.

I shoudn’t be surprised. Last year, the first time Trump was impeached, many papers performed the same way. At the time, I wrote this: Most of the smaller, community-oriented newspapers did not mention impeachment on their front pages. This trend still surprises me because it is an important moment in history. By almost any definition, it’s a front page story. It is certainly the story people everywhere are talking about today.

And, of course, by any definition, the impeachment of a president is big news — the big story of the day, regardless of the size of the publication. Once upon a time, a story like this would be blasted on the front page everywhere because it represents a piece of history, and people would save it. No longer apparently.

Of course, most of the larger papers treated the story as a big deal. (You can see them all here.)