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In North Carolina, GOP members of Congress take their cues from the president on most things. That means that they aren’t talking about the pandemic that is killing 3,000 Americans every day. They’ll talk about the great job they’re doing, or how the presidential election was fraudulent, or how they’ll vote against more relief aid or any number of other despicable things they believe. But COVID? No. No reason to point out their failure.

But newspapers know what their communities care about, and all across North Carolina, the pandemic is featured on the local paper’s front page. On Friday, 46 more people in McDowell County tested positive; 114 in Burke County. In Jacksonville, three stories about it cover the Daily News front page. The Hickory Daily Record answers when readers can get the vaccine. In Henderson County, teachers are concerned about their health. In Asheville, the hospital has banned most visitors. The N&O lets us know that the state is a sea of red on a COVID risk map.

No, it isn’t a hoax or fake news. No, it isn’t totally under control or going to be fine. No, it hasn’t miraculously gone away. Wear your damn mask.

Meanwhile, in other front page stories:

Asheville: The Citizen-Times reports that 11 police officers were investigated for misconduct between 2017 and 2018, and another four this year. The story is behind the paywall, but it looks like the paper is performing a good public service keeping law enforcement accountable.

Greensboro: I remain fascinated by the $4,15 billion gift by MacKenzie Scott to organizations doing good. (And if I were a billionaire not named MacKenzie Scott, I’d be ashamed of myself.) Anyway, the News & Record looks at the impact the $10 million donation makes to the United Way of Greater Greensboro, and how the United Way here changed its mission, which resulted unknowingly in getting the donation.

Raleigh: Giving profitable businesses incentives — our tax money — to locate in your state is really a BS practice. But everyone does it so no one can not do it. The least we taxpayers can expect is how that money is accounted for. Apparently, North Carolina doesn’t think we deserve that information. Thank you, N&O for calling Gov. Cooper out. “For more than two years, Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration has refused to release a single page of records related to the state’s attempts to land a new Apple campus in Research Triangle Park — a potential deal worth millions of dollars in incentives for one of the world’s wealthiest companies.”

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  1. Congress has the power under the interstate commerce clause end interstate incentives permanently. But it won’t because members of both parties benefit from the political contributions these companies’ executives and PACs make.

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