Sunday sampler, sponsored by Jack Daniels*

This is a single issue Sampler. This is the front page of the Asheville Citizen-Times, a paper of which I’m an alum.

Take a closer look at that “Cyber Monday” story.

I’ve never seen a story sponsored by a business on the front page of a metro paper. Have I been asleep? (Don’t answer that!)

I know that newspapers are desperate for money. When I was an editor, I objected when the ad department wanted to sell ads stripped across the bottom of the front page. I lost and the world didn’t end. But “sponsoring a story” on the front page? That’s a bridge pretty damned far.

Sponsored content used to be what we called advertising.

*That’s a joke.

One thought on “Sunday sampler, sponsored by Jack Daniels*

  1. Obvious questions:

    –Did USA Today approve the appearance of its story in the “sponsored” space?
    –What rate did the sponsor pay?
    –Did the sponsor select the story, or otherwise influence the story choice and placement?

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