Sunday sampler

Many of the state’s front pages focus on President Trump’s diagnosis and treatment today. But there are other stories.

Greensboro: The Trump administration’s relaxing of environmental rules is beginning to hit home as it reclassifies Belews Lake, which is near my house. Duke Energy, which essentially controls the lake because it created it, tells the News & Record, no biggie, but that’s less than assuring to those who boat, swim and fish there.

Meanwhile, the News & Record also published a story about the COVID-19 vaccine trial at UNC by Hannah Towey, one of the students in my class. “I felt like I needed to do my part,” the doctor in charge of the trial said. “So it’s a lot more work, but totally worth it given what we’re trying to do.… It’s asking yourself, what did you do when you saw something that needed to happen or a situation that wasn’t right?”

Charlotte: The Observer has a damning story about the culture at Wells Fargo, where seven Black senior executives – all women – left the company in the past year. Is that bad? That seems bad. “Two people with direct knowledge of the matter say the bank’s culture around race and gender was a factor in why some of the Black women left.”

Morganton: The News-Herald publishes a story I always find interesting: How cops respond to physical threats. “At one point in the morning, Whisnant had a student lie on the ground with their hands behind their back as if they were handcuffed. As he simulated kneeling on the student’s neck, he asked his students why it was wrong and made it clear that they should never do that. He said there are no BLET classes in the state that teach chokeholds as a use of force.”