Doing good by doing nothing

One of my former students made me a meme last month. Who knew there were so many goofy photos of me out there? It was frightening and embarrassing at the same time. I had to unfollow the site because photos of me kept popping up on my own Instagram feed!

The Instagram site was created anonymously at first. Some people thought I created it, which shows they don’t really know the intense introvert that is me. Others correctly saw the merry prankster Caroline Bass behind it.

When Caroline saw the meme take off, she realized that she could use it to raise money for pandemic care. She asked for a donation of $1 to create a personalized meme from one of my photos with the donor’s name on it. She told me yesterday that some people contributed more than a dollar, and that others, who had gotten the meme before she began asking for donations, circled back and Venmo’d her money.

$100 later she sent a check to Healing Transitions, an organization that provides help to COVID-19 patients. Thank you, everyone, who gave money.

I love it when something good happens in my name and I don’t have to do a thing!