Sunday sampler

Raleigh: The N&O reveals the lengths some will go to avoid accountability and scrutiny. “But Neville, 56, of Greensboro, was still alive after being rushed to the hospital. And in the two days he laid unconscious, the jail persuaded prosecutors to release him from custody. That made it an out-of-custody death that did not need to be reported to the state agency that oversees safety and supervision in county jails.”

Morganton and Jacksonville: Different sides of the state, but I’m glad the News Herald and the Daily News are keeping the debate about Confederate monuments on the front pages.

Charlotte: The Observer takes a step back to look at the PPP program in N.C. and how its reporting problems are, well, problems. “Several businesses said although they were listed in the database, they did not actually receive funds through the program. Others said the number of jobs the database says they retained by receiving the loan was either too large or too small.¬†Over 2,100 businesses in North Carolina retained zero jobs as a result of the loans, according to the database.”