Sunday sampler

Many of N.C. newspaper front pages have stories about high school graduations and coronavirus. I was surprised that some of the smaller papers had race/protest stories. (Sometimes I can be a small-minded elitist.) I’m looking at you Mooresville, Kannapolis, and Hickory.

To the metro papers, the News & Observer has two good pieces on the protest. The first is a simple but compelling compilation of protesters’ voices explaining why they are marching. “History keeps repeating itself, and it’s time for change. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try to help be part of the change. Sitting around doesn’t make me feel good. I want change not only for myself but for future generations.”

The second story is about next steps for the protesters in Raleigh. “Active civic disobedience I don’t think will go away anytime soon,” Zainab Baloch said. “The crowds might diminish on the ground, but regardless of that, people are passionate and ready and want quick bold change.”

In Winston-Salem, artists took to the streets, literally, to paint “in big, block letters ‘END RACISM NOW #BLM, in the middle of the road. Every letter is its own art piece, with one artist responsible for each character — except for the hashtag, which had three.”

Burlington, Jacksonville and Kinston all feature an Asheville Citizen-Times story on North Carolina’s census count…and how way too many people aren’t filling it out. I can’t find the story online, though.