Sunday sampler

With graduations, Mother’s Day and the pandemic, North Carolina’s front pages are loaded.

Charlotte: The Observer takes us inside a Salisbury nursing home. “The Citadel’s managers, according to the nurses’ affidavits, failed for weeks to respond effectively to signs of the emerging pandemic. As the virus spread, managers ordered nurses not to wear masks while failing to provide protective clothing or test the workers on site. When nurses and other employees got sick, they were pressured to come to work anyway, the affidavits say. Those who could work frequently found themselves placed in impossible positions of being forced to treat dozens of elderly and sometimes dangerously ill patients by themselves.”

Also Charlotte: Did the area medical providers neglect the most vulnerable neighborhoods when they set up COVID test centers? “Now, commissioners Vilma Leake, Mark Jerrell and Susan Harden and the local chapter of the NAACP say early decisions by Atrium and Novant contributed to unequal access to testing and medical treatment as the virus began spreading across the county. “They have put my people on death row,’ said Leake, who represents some of the poorest neighborhoods in the county in west Charlotte. ‘Seniors are coming up to me saying, ‘What future do we have to look forward to? They have written our death certificates.’”

And from my former students who were going to graduate today:

Greensboro: A short history lesson from WWII about a young girl who lived through the horrors of war and walked miles barefoot to get to safety in Germany by Eva Ellenburg.

Raleigh: How do you get all of your friends to your wedding reception in the midst of a shelter-at-home pandemic? Chapel Fowler explains in the News & Observer. Photos by Trent Brown.