Sunday sampler

Morganton: ReopenNC folks rallied in Morganton, saying they were standing up for their constitutional rights.  Also, on the front page: “A ninth person with COVID-19 in Burke County has died, and the total number of cases has grown to 108.”

Winston-Salem: This shelter-in-“place business isn’t helping our mental health, the Journal reports. “’If I told you that you will have a new set of social norms forced upon you, that the ways you showed people you care is seen as a threat, that you’ll have to change the way you get food and the way you eat — and this doesn’t even take into account the threat of illness — it would be incredibly overwhelming and stressful,’ said Heath Greene, a clinical psychologist who teaches psychology at Wake Forest University.” I don’t know; as an introvert, I’m good.

Raleigh: Churches are getting beat up by COVID like everything else (except Zoom), the News & Observer says. “Religious leaders say some churches, synagogues and mosques — particularly those that already were struggling — will come out of the national and statewide shutdown with such dire funding problems that they likely will be forced to close or combine with another congregation.”

Finally, a special appearance on the front of the Arts & Living section of the N&O: Hannah McClellan and Will Melfi, two students in my Media Hub class. Their story is about St. John’s Metropolitan Community Church in Raleigh. It’s special. Read it.