I started a post-graduate summer school class

Somewhere around the time I was talking with a student about a story on the last two months of her senior year AND telling a student whose internship was canceled what she should do over the summer instead, I had an idea:

What could I do to help students? Could I set something up to help graduates who are facing a flat-lined job market? Something to hone their skills and network and commiserate? And maybe lift their spirits along the way?

So I tweeted about it.

And got a lot of ideas.

Last night, I had my first session. I invited 23 former students, all recent grads, all looking for work. Fifteen showed up and another three let me know they couldn’t meet this week but wanted to be included.

They told me they wanted to hear from smart people on freelancing; on getting a job; on free writing on a blog; on creating social media for a brand; on learning new skills. They wanted to get feedback on their writing so they could keep their skills sharp, and they wanted me to give them writing “assignments.”

As you can see in the photo above, one person — lower right hand corner — is on the phone. While in the Zoom session, she got a call with a job offer at a television station! That jazzed the “class.”

I came away energized and inspired by the entire experience. I don’t know how long this will last, but I’ll keep it up as long as they are interested.

If you’re a media pro and have ideas or want to contribute, let me know.


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