Chris Cotillo: Making the magic happen


It’s always fun when good guys get recognition for doing good.

Chris Cotillo, who covers the Boston Red Sox for MassLive, has been auctioning off his collection of memorabilia — 200 items — and another 150 that others have donated to help those in need during this pandemic. He ran the auction on his Twitter feed; he has 42,000 followers. So far he’s raised more than $57,000 for food banks and other charities across the country. Here’s the full story.

He was interviewed on CNN this morning. (I’ll post the video if CNN does. That photo above is from the Boston CBS affiliate which interviewed him a few days ago. Note the UNC and Chapel Hill background.)

Chris was in my class at UNC two years ago. (First I wrote that I taught him, but I’m not sure that is true. He was pretty well fully baked as a journalist even then.) He was already an entrepreneur. When he was still in high school he was writing for SB Nation and MLB Daily Dish. He got all kinds of scoops, attracted thousands of Twitter followers, came to Carolina to study journalism and continued his reporting. (In my class, he couldn’t meet deadlines, but that’s another matter.)

When the pandemic hit and unemployment soared, he realized that perhaps his baseball cards and autographs might be able to help others.

“Really was just a ‘hey let’s try this’ thing,” he texted me. “Had no idea it would work.”

“Hey let’s try this” is often how the magic happens.