Sunday sampler

Coronavirus coverage still dominates the front  pages of N.C. newspapers today, as it should. But for the first time in several weeks, papers are publishing stories about something other than the coronavirus on their front pages. Examples: Climate change in Jacksonville; a whisky distillery in Hickory; a police-involved shooting death in Greensboro; a homeless center in Fayetteville; and the 20th anniversary of a woman’s death in Burlington.

What drew me in, though:

Raleigh: The N&O has a good story on deaths in jails, and it’s not pretty. “Dunn and Jackson are among a record 46 inmates who died in North Carolina’s jails in 2019 or in a hospital after becoming ill or injured behind bars, state records obtained by The News & Observer show. In at least 19 of those deaths — including one each in Wake, Johnston and Mecklenburg county jails — state health department inspectors tasked with making sure jails are safe found supervision failures. That’s a 41% failure rate for inmate deaths. That rate is worse than what The News & Observer discovered in 2017 after investigating five years of jail deaths — one out of three, or 33%, involved supervision failures.”

Wilmington: The Star-News examines the question, what if you have a hurricane in the middle of a pandemic? It’s a real possibility as forecasters said last week that four major hurricanes could develop this summer. “Much of what we use as baseline assumptions for emergencies will not work right now,” said Bryan Koon, a former director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management who is now a disaster consultant. “Natural disasters don’t care what is going on with human health issues.”