Sunday sampler

It’s pretty much all-election, all the time on the front pages of today’s newspapers.

Burlington: Professional baseball in Burlington is in danger, and now its baseball operations has changed hands. And the new operator wants to keep baseball in Burlington, the Times-News reports. “The transaction comes at a time of much angst in the minor leagues, and in Burlington in particular. The local team is one of 42 listed for contraction in a much-debated plan by Major League Baseball to reduce farm teams after the 2020 season.”

Raleigh: Election time and African American voters are getting all kinds of love from the presidential candidates, the N&O reports. And they’re promising big money to historically black colleges and universities, of which N.C. has 11. “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen as many candidates, the ones who are still in it, making that big a focal point because they understand the power of the African-American vote, which is very, very important,” said Harry L. Williams, president of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, a member organization for historically black colleges.

Greensboro: I’m not sure I remember the story of Eugene Hairston, and that embarrasses me. A black teenager, he was lynched by a mob in 1887 in the town I live in. The News & Record reports that a group wants to create a monument to acknowledge what happened as a way to confront the legacy of racial terrorism.