Sunday sampler

Raleigh: The N&O publishes a story from the Observer about the meaning of political parties in the presidential race. Sanders, Bloomberg and Trump have all taken zigzagging political paths. “Political parties, in recent years, have become takeover targets for moguls and ideologues looking for vehicles to accelerate their ambitions and agendas. These candidates’ policy positions don’t always match up with the parties’ historical stands on issues. But they gain entrance — and sometimes control — because they have something the parties want.”

Charlotte: Apparently there is a a new system for distributing donated livers that some people fear could cost the lives of people awaiting transplants. The proponents of the new system believe it will save more lives. The Observer explains. “There’s little question that the new system will mean a change for patients in the Carolinas. Statistical modeling has shown that under the new system, patients here will typically be sicker before they get a liver transplant.”