Sunday sampler

Greensboro: Guilford County’s infant mortality rate is higher than the state average and other, larger counties, and it’s even higher for black babies. The News & Record does what I think papers should do more often: Localize the reporting of other media to give context to your readers. In this case, the N&R is following a story by the N&O.

Charlotte: I probably should know about this about the 2016 Wells Fargo scandal — it’s my bank! — but I didn’t until this morning. Thanks to a federal investigation, more stories are coming out: “For instance, management warned employees that if they didn’t meet their goals, they would be ‘transferred to a store where someone had been shot and killed,’ regulators said.” Hello!

In an unfortunate adjacency, the front page features a look at the most dangerous street in Charlotte where three people were shot and killed within a half mile of each other last year. It’s a good story.