Sunday sampler

Asheville: No doctor on staff? No problem. OK, that’s not what the Citzen-Times story says about the Highlands-Cashiers Hospital, but…. The hospital was part of a buyout by HCA and, well, it’s going through some growing pains. “Ellen Haug, who attended the meeting, says the area’s previous doctor retired in September, and now the clinic’s only physician travels north from Atlanta a few days every other week.”

Greensboro: Dudley High School was the first high school for African Americans in Greensboro, opening 90 years ago. Since then, it has educated many the city’s and state’s leaders. Good story by the News & Record about the school’s importance. “’The teachers did more than just teach,’ Thomas-Clark said. ‘They loved us. They reprimanded us. They encouraged us. They let us know that we could be whatever we wanted to be and they pushed us in that direction.’ Dudley’s teachers got their motivation from the world around them. Just outside the classrooms lurked the indignities of second-class citizenship.”

Hickory: The Daily Record tells the story of what it’s like to be homeless through the stories of three men. It’s not an indepth piece but it’s still interesting. “Of all the challenges he faced being homeless, the worst was the rejection from other people, Jones said. ‘You can look in people’s faces when they see a homeless person coming up towards them,’ Jones said. ‘They turn their head or look the other way. They reject them real bad.’”

Raleigh:  On Thursday, I mentioned this story in the N&O about African American babies dying at a faster rate than white babies, but it’s still good so I’ll repeat it here.

Hendersonville: Not to be outdone in ways to waste time in government, the Henderson County commissioners will vote this week on whether to call the county a gun sanctuary. The story isn’t posted on the Times-News website but here’s a look at the front page.