Sunday sampler

The first weekend after the New Year is always tough for newspapers because it is toward the end of what’s basically two-week local news holiday. But a few papers have stories on their front pages that interested me.

Morganton: This poor guy is minding his own business in his own house a few minutes after midnight on New Year’s when a bullet pierced the wall and hit him in the ankle. (Stories about idiots with guns grab my attention.) “If he had been bending over or sitting on the end of the bed, it (would have) clipped him in the chest or in the side of his head,” Holly said. “We keep my 5-month-old grandson quite often, and I thought, ‘Jesus God, thank God he wasn’t here that night.’”

Wilmington: Several months ago, Greensboro stopped picking up glass as part of its recycling program. Now residents either throw the glass in the trash or take it to a central dropoff location. So, I’m interested in the Star-News story about how Wilmington is losing money on its recycling program. Lots of blame to go around, including manufacturers and consumers. Need more boxed wine! (Can’t find the story online; here’s a look at the front page.)