Happy New Year?

Good morning!

Let’s look back: I’m not sure that I accomplished much of note, other than that I made it another 365 days. (This year, with 366, will be a challenge!)

*I trolled my hypocritical Congress people, but they remain hypocrites, spouting Christian tropes but supporting the least religious, most immoral man in the White House.

*I sent 80 or so students out into the world to, I hope, change it for the better, but that was hardly my accomplishment. They were going there anyway — I just tried to keep from being an obstacle.

*I trapped and killed four or five mice over the course of the year. I also killed a mosquito by clapping it with my hands. My wife considered both an accomplishment.

*I carried a glass of red wine along our white carpet about 50 times without spilling a drop. Why she wants to bitch about that 51st time is beyond me.

OK, that was cathartic. I’ve achieved more than I thought. I don’t normally make resolutions. But for fun, I plan to:

*Sleep more and eat less.

*Read more and tweet less.

*Drink about the same.

*Be kinder and be better.

*Help 80 students prepare for the real world.