Sunday sampler

Many N.C. papers have stories about election filings and Christmas gatherings on their front pages today. And there are these:

Greensboro: The News & Record has a good story about Nona Best, the director of the North Carolina Center for Missing Persons, who is also the person who activates the Amber Alerts. “Parents don’t think like that,” explains Best, a single mom whose daughter is now 36. “They don’t think that everywhere you go, there’s possibly a predator there shopping that day. … not shopping for groceries or anything, shopping for a child.”

Greensboro:  The N&R also has a detailed story about a deputy who was shot while he was investigating a domestic call. “He had been too afraid before then to look at where the bullet had struck his left arm. With every beat of his pulse, he saw now, he lost precious blood. The bullet had punctured an artery, doctors would later confirm. He put his right thumb into the wound and squeezed; the blood kept coming.”

Raleigh: The N&O has two stories about how N.C.’s Occupational Safety and Health agency — led by Cherie Berry of elevator fame — has sided with employers over employee safety (my conclusion, not the N&O’s). “OSH inspections after the deaths led to 13 citations for willful violations against nine employers, each carrying a maximum penalty of $70,000, said the report made available to McClatchy. But nine of the citations against five companies were later dropped. In other words, only four employers faced the harshest penalty out of more than 240 firms with fatalities, the group said.”