Get me rewrite!

One of my Media Hub students was on a school-sponsored networking trip to D.C., and the group visited a U.S. House member’s office where a UNC grad was working as an aide. The aide was an alum of both my Media Hub class.

(Media Hub is a capstone course for seniors and grad students, and our goal is to create such remarkable journalism that news organizations will publish it. To do that we operate as closely to a newsroom as possible, which is to say, not all that close. But because I know what editors and news directors look for, I set a high standard for our stories.)

When the House aide learned that my student was in Media Hub, she groaned and asked, “How many times did he make you rewrite?”

When I heard that, I beamed with pride. Damn skippy, I make them rewrite. Rewriting is learning. This is real life. And we’ve had some success.

One thought on “Get me rewrite!

  1. I didn’t come up with this adage, I heard it when I was a journalism student at UNC more than 50 years ago: “Good writing is not writing, it’s rewriting.”
    That’s a fact. It’s the truth, too.

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