Who is Marcus Paige for $1,000, Alex

During his sophomore year, Marcus Paige was named to the first-team ACC and second-team All American. He was also an excellent student, smart, engaged and hard-working. In one of my journalism classes, during a lesson on interviewing, I asked him to speak to the class about being interviewed. He certainly had enough experience on the receiving end of the questions. I figured he’d have some advice for his classmates as they learned to ask the questions.

(His best advice that I recall was to ask more original questions.)

After he did his thing, I asked for questions, and a student raised his hand: “That was interesting, but who are you that you’ve been interviewed so much?”

The class, which included several other athletes, burst into laughter. It’s like those people interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel who can’t identify the president.

Marcus smiled – but did not laugh – and responded politely: “Well, I’m on the basketball team, and basketball is pretty big here.” The self-deprecation was real.

In the other student’s defense, he happened to be a transfer student in his first semester. Not all students at Carolina are obsessed with basketball.

P.S. This post was inspired by this tweet.