Sunday sampler

Asheville: The Citizen-Times has a fascinating story about how, in certain instances, teachers have to pay for their own substitute teachers. (I can’t find the story on the website. Here is the front page.) When a teacher uses one of his/her two personal leave days, the school system deducts $50 to go toward paying a sub.

Greensboro: The News & Record previews the race for Congress from the perspective of my county’s two representatives. (Yes, two because gerrymandering.) Pauline Kael didn’t actually say, “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.” But it is an urban legend. That’s what I thought about when I read that incumbents Mark Walker and Ted Budd said that, in their travels around their districts, by far, their constituents support President Trump. These are two guys who don’t hold town halls and live in tightly controlled bubbles. And they’re two guys who would be screaming if a Democrat did what Trump is doing.

Raleigh: The N&O does a true reader service with a guide to the best prices among the 16 grocery store chains in the Triangle. Because Wegman’s just opened there and drew huge crowds, it’s a good idea to let readers know, really, which store has the best deals. Nice.