Sunday sampler

Raleigh & Charlotte: The N&O and the Observer teamed up to publish one helluva report on how prosecutors deal with weapons charges against suspects. The story leads with a guy who had 13 consecutive weapons charges dismissed over the year…until he shot and killed someone. “From 2014 through 2018, Mecklenburg prosecutors dismissed 68 percent of weapons charges, a higher rate than any other urban county in North Carolina, a Charlotte Observer investigation found. Statewide, prosecutors dismissed about half of all weapons charges during the five-year period.”

Winston-Salem: The Journal features a girls’ AAU team that has sent 148 players into college basketball. “’I realized it’s a lot more than just winning basketball games,’ Robinson said. ‘It’s trying to develop the young girl into a young woman. We went from a more elite program to a more skills-based program. … We started going that route and said let’s develop these kids into becoming good high school players, whatever high school they go to.'”

High Point: The Enterprise is paywall protected so I can’t read more than a few paragraphs of its story on a new Fox animated television show based on the creator’s experience growing up in High Point. So, here is the story from a few days ago in the News & Record. “Spivey loosely based restaurant The Last Supper, where Jenny works, on Carter Brothers Barbecue and Ribs in High Point. The Halloween episode will feature the story of Lydia, the Jamestown bridge ghost. Also, listen for mentions of Harris Teeter. She does use some “creative geography,” she said, locating Charlotte closer than it actually is to Greensboro.”