Sunday sampler

Asheville: The Citizen-Times documents a large fish kill — trout no less — in the Nantahala River after Duke Power released warm water into the river, raising the water temperature. “At the river’s terminus at Lake Fontana, fishing guide Kyle Fronrath watched blue heron and osprey swoop down to feast on the unexpected windfall of dead and dying fish for the third day in a row. Unofficial stewards of the Nantahala such as Bourcq, Johnson and Fronrath watched with growing alarm as their thermometers logged up to 78-degree temperatures in the normally 45-degree river.”

Greensboro: The News & Record has an informative – and likely helpful – story about how different generations communicate. As a Boomer, I’ve seen it in the classroom with, first, Millennials, and now, Gen Z. “We’re hitting five generations in the workforce” said Lizzy Tahsuda, director of Campus Greensboro for Action Greensboro. “And that’s not happened before. So we’ve got to figure out ways to work together.”

Fayetteville: I always like dress code stories because so often they show bureaucrats working on the wrong things. In this case, the Observer highlights questions about Cumberland County’s dress codes at some schools. I hit the paywall, but apparently a former student has started a petition, saying the dress code at a middle school is arbitrary and treats minorities unfairly.

Winston-Salem: Who wants to go to the emergency room and have to wait for hours on end to get treated?  “Patients in Forsyth County’s two emergency departments waited on average between nearly five hours to just more than six hours before being  admitted, according to federal medical data reviewed by ProPublica.” Yikes!

Lenoir: The News-Topic has a cute story on Ricky-Bobby, a chihuahua-hound mix, who was missing, then found three days later with its hind legs paralyzed. No fear, he now gets around with a specially built wheelchair. (Paywall protected.)