Sunday sampler

Many newspapers feature stories about Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the state…in five days. As a reader, I’m unclear on the value of that. Website, sure, because you can update it constantly, but front page? Anyway there are other stories of interest.

Raleigh: The N&O examines one of the great political problems in North Carolina today: gerrymandering. The story shows clearly that political lines are drawn to disenfranchise voters. “Today, all of Wilmington and the rest of New Hanover County are in a single state Senate district, except for a heavily African-American area just south of downtown. Those homes were carved out and placed into a different district, which is mostly made up of suburbs, beach towns and rural farming communities in Bladen, Brunswick and Pender counties.”

Charlotte: I always enjoying scanning stories about peoples’ salaries because it helps me walk in their shoes. In the case of the Observer’s story on CEO salaries, it makes me shake my head. $42.3 million for the CEO of LendingTree? And that’s with a $17.3 million pay CUT from the year before. See the others on the list.

Winston-Salem: The Journal has a piece that demonstrates the lengths some politicians will go to pander to special interests. A couple ministers in Yadkin County asked the county commissioners to declare the county a sanctuary for the unborn, and despite the meaninglessness of the resolution, the commissioners passed it. Without discussion. “Abortion is legal in all 50 states, including North Carolina, and this unenforceable resolution does nothing to change that,” Birdsong (of the ACLU) said in a statement. “Women have a right to access the care they need without shame, obstacles and stigma no matter where they live. We encourage any Yadkin County residents who have concerns about the impact of this policy to contact our office.”

Kinston, Fayetteville and New Bern: The three Gatehouse papers continue to share content. This Sunday it is a story about Labor Day weekend being a deadly one for highway fatalities. I don’t see any N.C. data in it.