Lessons from the academy

Two scenes from the classroom:


Yesterday was my birthday and a student who had been in an earlier class with me gave me a brownie and led the class in singing Happy Birthday. It was nice. I was touched. Afterward, I heard about this comment about me out of my earshot:

Him: “Do you know him well? I can’t decide if he’s great or if he’s an asshole.”




On Monday, a professor at the school received an email from a California media company asking about a program I was involved with. The professor passed it to the dean, who passed it to the associate dean, who passed it to me. I read it and was unclear on what the media company representative wanted.

I pulled out my phone to call the rep, but then I had another thought. It was a learning opportunity; I could teach some students about the timeless military concept that “shit flows downhill.” 

I called over two of the three PR students in my class over and told them to get with the third PR student and to contact the rep to find out precisely how we could help her.

As it turned out, the two PR students truly understood the shit-flow-downhill concept. They got the third PR student to do it.

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