Sunday sampler

Asheville: Many papers have front page stories about students going back to school. The Citizen-Times has one about athletes going back to school, and how some can get ripped off by people promising them a leg up to get a college scholarship. “There is a youth sports industrial complex that is designed around this idea that most parents are going to believe their child is good enough to earn an athletic scholarship, whether it’s true or not,” said Galen Clavio, an associate professor of sports media at Indiana University. “For a small number of young people it works out, but for a much larger number it does not. Unfortunately, it’s now just the cost of doing business.”

Winston-Salem: The Journal continues the trend of local newspapers taking data published by the Washington Post about opioid distribution and showing the local impact. And in the Piedmont-Triad’s case, the impact is big, especially in Surry County.  “That equates to 80.3 pills per person, the second most pills per person in the state, behind Columbus County with 111 but far surpassing the state average of 42.9. Forsyth County fell below the state average at 38.4.” My county, Guilford, was at 33.2, but the county to the north, Rockingham, was 69.3!

Raleigh: The N&O goes big with a story on the debut of the ACC Network. I’ve put it aside so I’ll be able to find the channel when it’s time to watch games. But I put it aside on Thursday, when my hometown paper, the News & Record ran the story in its sports section. I’m used to newspapers publishing their Sunday print stories earlier in the week; I support the philosophy. I have a lot of respect for the smart people at the N&O, but putting a story out early so that another newspaper can publish it in its print edition before you do mystifies me.


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  1. I’m going to guess Greensboro picked up Raleigh’s story from the Tribune Content Agency (or whatever it’s called now). Papers that participate get in-state stories free. The stories get on TCA via scraping, so anything that moves online is available. There’s no decision made to “move” the story for others to use.

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