Sunday sampler

Carteret County: More flooding at the coast. Great. The News-Times says it all in its first paragraph: “Analysis of nearly 120 years of tropical storm and hurricane landing data and associated rainfall in coastal North Carolina shows climate change is creating a feedback loop that suggests increased flooding and flood damage is likely along the coast in the future.” But it’s based on science and history which the climate change doubters don’t believe in.

Raleigh: Lynn Bonner’s story about the state wanting some of its incentive money back go me at the lead, too: “The state has handed out about $1 billion in tax breaks to companies and individuals that invested in solar farms.” A billion dollars? I appreciate  the environment and incentives and jobs and potential tax revenue, but a billion dollars? “A September public notice from the tax department said some people who invested in credits through partnerships don’t qualify for tax breaks.” Oops.

Greensboro: The News & Record has a good package of stories on being a cop these days. It spends some time criticizing the news media: “In this day and time, I think the police officers — no matter what the circumstances are of the shooting — they are tried and convicted in the media,” Gunn said. “It’s whatever sells the story. That hurts our retention and it hurts our program.” I would suggest that law enforcement doesn’t do a particularly good job talking with the news media, but whatever.


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  1. News media, with rare exceptions, do no such thing. Furthermore, as long as police bodycam video remains presumptively confidential, LEOs can whine all they want about the media but they’re not going to get an ounce of sympathy. Want trust? Earn it.

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