Sunday sampler

Most papers featured the El Paso mass murders on their front pages. The Dayton killings happened after their deadlines. It’s hard to keep up. So, in other news:

Both the Fayetteville Observer and the Kinston Free Press feature Martha Waggoner’s excellent story for the AP¬†about the Slave Dwelling Project. “Descendants of slaves removed from Africa to clear swamps for a North Carolina plantation are holding a reunion at the site, with some spending the night in a reconstructed slave cabin.” She tells the story of a sad history.

Lenior: Last week, I praised the Fayetteville Observer for following up on the local angle to the Washington Post’s series on opioids. This week, the News-Topic adds to the narrative of what easy-to-get pain meds are doing to the state. “In six years, more than 35 million prescription pain pills flowed into Caldwell County — enough for 62 pills for every man, woman and child each year, according to a database made public by the Washington Post.”

Fayetteville: The Observer takes on toxins in the water in Cumberland County, where the Chemours Fayetteville Works chemical plant is located. Unfortunately, I’ve reached my limit of stories at the website so I can’t read it. (Sorry, I subscribe to four papers; I can’t afford any more!) Update: The story is from NC Health News.

Wilmington: And to end on a happier note, the Star-News reports that the number of sea turtle nests on N.C. beaches is up. “Turtle conservationists also say that we are also starting to see the effect of measures to protect sea turtles, like decreasing deaths caused by commercial fishing through use of turtle-excluder devices (TEDs) and gill net regulations.”


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