Where’s the damn nut graph?

I had just finished editing a student’s story on Monday when I came across this tweet.

The last comment I made on the story was, “This ending is kinda lame. Try something different.” Then I suggested a possibility. (I’ve found students like it when editors/teachers suggest possibilities because it means they don’t actually have to come up with it on their own, particularly when the editor just CALLED IT LAME!

So, naturally, I followed the thread. And the responses are classic. And by classic I mean they are hilarious and exactly right. My guess is that every editor has said them to a reporter at one time or another. I know I have.

A sampling:

And the one that I’ve said one form of or another:

Usually, it’s “where’s the nut graph?” or “let’s punch up the nut graph” or “you haven’t supported the nut graph.”

One thought on “Where’s the damn nut graph?

  1. My favorite editor comment of all time still belongs to Eric Dyer, who once said to me when I was a young night cops reporter:

    “Joe, you’re a good writer. I am sure one day you’ll write a great book. Today is not that day. Cut 10 inches and give it back to me at the budgeted length.”

    I think about that probably once a week.

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