Sunday sampler, Gatehouse edition


Want to see what will happen if Gatehouse and Gannett merge? These are Sunday’s front pages of some Gatehouse papers in North Carolina. Do you see a pattern?




















































































































(Front pages courtesy of the Newseum.)

The story on the moon landing anniversary and contaminated ocean water are fine stories. I did a quick spot check of Gatehouse front pages around the country and a few published the moon landing story, but many didn’t publish either story.

I’m not averse to newspapers using the same stories. The Charlotte Observer and the News & Observer have done it for several years to the benefit of their readers. But if the two chains merge, the mega-chain will operate one of six newspapers in the country. Sharing content on such a massive scale would, presumably, cut down on the truly local content that makes a newspaper part of the community.

UPDATE: Andria Krewson sends along this comparison of two Gannett papers.




3 thoughts on “Sunday sampler, Gatehouse edition

  1. Having planned countless weekend papers, I can affirm that this pattern speaks of tragically low staffing. In the day we could designate beat reporters to spend a week (or two!) reporting and writing a Sunday 1a centerpiece, for the community within the circulation area. Big packages from the chain might be used, but often were found not to meet standards.

  2. All of the copy editing and design work for the GateHouse newspapers is done at the mammoth hub in Austin, Texas.

  3. I am kind of astonished, in addition to sameness of 1A’s, that Kinston had debutante story on their 1A. That is straight outta decades ago.

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