Sunday sampler

Last week, I featured five N.C. Gatehouse papers and made note of how similar their front pages were. This week, they seemed to share share the AP story on Trump and Iran, but not much else. Good. Local journalism should be local.

Asheville: It never occurred to me that rehabbing injured wildlife — deer, owls, rabbits — was a bad idea. But apparently it can be. “It’s up to the agency to conserve and sustain North Carolina’s fish and wildlife resources, and its official policy is that rehabbing nonendangered wildlife isn’t only unnecessary — it can actually be selfish. ‘Wildlife rehabilitation serves mostly to meet the needs of our human society, not the needs of wildlife populations.'”

Fayettevile: I have been hoping a local paper would follow up on the Washington Post’s publication of opioid sales. Thank you, Observer/Gatehouse. “The shipments to Moore, Robeson and Lee counties all averaged out to about 55 pills per person each year. Cumberland and Harnett were around 34 pills per person. Hoke County was just 21 pills per person each year.” Breath-taking numbers. Everyone should read the Post’s series.

Greensboro: Changing the ABC system has never made a lot of sense to me, and it still doesn’t, despite what appears to be a bipartisan effort to privatize sales. I can’t tell that the system is broke. And I’ve been in privately run liquor stores out of state, and I am much more comfortable in N.C.’s ABC stores. So I agree with Mayor Nancy Vaughan, quoted in the News & Record: “When you look at our ABC stores they are situated evenly throughout the community. They are in clean shopping centers, they are well-lit, and they are professionally run.”

Hendersonville: I must be in a drinking mood this morning, but I was interested in the little bit I could read of this look at the wine country in Henderson County. Tl;dr version: It’s booming. (I can’t find the stories online; the link is to the front page, courtesy of the Newseum.)

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