I went viral last week

Well, 2,403¬† “likes” is viral for me.**

I got a handful of negative responses, including one who said “Fuck you” and another who called me “soft.” Soft? I didn’t try to engage because I’ve learned that’s a rabbit hole with no end. (Well, I did engage with the one who said, “Fuck you.” I retweeted it with the comment, “He seems nice.”)

A tweet of mine went viral once before, in 2017, also involving President Trump. Ten times as many “likes” as last week’s.

I was surprised by the interest in both. Each seemed pretty obvious to me. I’ve tweeted smarter and cleverer things that I thought would go somewhere but were DOA. As for these, I’m pleased that both involved decency….or the lack of decency in our political system.

I tweet a lot about politics because I’m represented by a slew of Republicans who have defended President Trump’s racism, philandering, bigotry and terribly harmful political positions. I know they don’t read tweets, but I don’t write for them. I simply want people who follow me to know about the hypocrisy of my elected officials.

One of my tweets was “featured” on CNN after President Trump referred to flamingo dancers when he meant flamenco dancers.

That tweet¬† — ON CNN! — got all of seven likes. Go figure.