There was a time when editors responded to job applicants

I often talk with students about their anticipated careers. They’re anxious about getting the “right” job. They’re eager to get started, and they don’t want to choose the wrong thing.

My advice is always the same: There is no “wrong thing.” You learn and move forward. And you have a long, long career ahead of you. You’ll quickly learn where you belong and how to get there.

And I’m reminded of this post three years ago in which I post some of the rejection letters — yes, in those days, job applicants were responded to — I got over the course of a job search. Most were terse but kind. Also, one misspelled my name.

I don’t remember being particularly discouraged. I just kept at it, working as a reporter and applying for jobs at bigger papers.

Eventually, I turned out OK. Here are two of the nicest rejections. Go here for the rest.