The subconscious editor & the 3 a.m. wake up.

What journalist hasn’t bolted up wide awake at 3 a.m., heart pounding, wondering if he misspelled a source’s name in a story, or if he got the day wrong, or if he left out a vital fact, or any hundred of other things that could go wrong?

For journalists, I suspect it’s as common as the dream about showing up in class in your underwear.

Rush to the web to see if the story is posted there, check to see if you got it right. Sigh of relief when you did. High anxiety if the story isn’t posted.¬†Tough to get back to sleep, and I usually didn’t. I’ve been out of the business for seven years, and it still happens to me. It just happens to be about a lesson plan gone awry.

I admit that I do like the idea that my mind is working in the background, double-checking my work even as I sleep. But 3 a.m.?