Sunday sampler

Raleigh: I kind of thought Asian massage parlors were a thing of the past. Hahaha. Jokes on me. The N&O tells me about one where you could get an hour-long massage for $70 and a happy ending for another $40. Past tense. The Durham police shut it down after a year-long investigation. A terrible tale of human trafficking in our midst.

Greensboro: You’re in the house, and someone is trying to break in. You call 911 and the police aren’t dispatched for five minutes because they’re busy on another call? The News & Record explains how that could happen, and it’s still an inadequate response, if you ask me. “At the same time that Andrews was trying to break into Taylor’s house, a tractor-trailer had wrecked on Interstate 40 and was straddling both sides of the freeway. Neal said officers needed to shut down the highway.”

Meanwhile, also in the News & Record, is a sad story about a 3-year-old with such a food allergy that she’s basically allergic to food. “Her short list of acceptable food items, oddly enough, includes eggs. They are cooked in pure, extra virgin olive oil. She can also eat broccoli and a particular kind of salt. Other than a specialized formula she has been drinking since she was 2 months old, those four items are the only foods her body will tolerate. ‘We’ve tried between 30 and 40 foods right now,’ Podracky said.”