Sunday sampler

Greensboro: Every time I get caught up in my own shit, I need to read a story like this one by Jeri Rowe in the News & Record. Twin girls who never knew their father and whose mother died their senior year in high school are making their way in the world. And doing it like the hard-working, high achievers they are. Read it.

Raleigh: The N&O has a maddening story about the state quadruplying to $1.2 million the funding for a private anti-abortion group even though the group didn’t provide information about its work as requested. No explanation of why. No explanation of why money is being spent in this way in the first place. Just Republican legislators doing what they want.

Charlotte:  In 2018, Charlotte logged 57 homicides. 2019 isn’t yet half over and Charlotte already has 57 homicides. “Victims range in age from a 7-month-old baby to a 71-year-old woman. They’ve been killed in their homes, in their cars, on the street and — in the case of two young men and a shooting that brought national attention to Charlotte — in their classroom at UNC Charlotte. CMPD demographic data analyzed by the Observer show the victims are disproportionately black, male and young.”

New Bern: I like stories that tell me things I don’t know. The Sun Journal reports that hackers created fake accounts at Craven Community College, and they were quickly identified and deleted. It’s a national problem for schools. Why would someone want to do that? “You can get discounts for computers and other things by having an education email address,” said Staats. “Attempted intrusions on our system are pretty common and we have a lot of security protocols to protect and remove any threats.”