Sunday sampler

Happy Memorial Day!

Charlotte: Good story on a WBTV personality who is gay and hesitant about coming out. “It was ironic: Hampton was always looking for the best in people, but deep down, she feared the worst in them. It was also hypocritical: She prided herself in being authentic with her audience, but felt strongly against coming out to it.”

Raleigh: What do you do if you’ve been in prison virtually your entire life? You don’t want to leave. Joe Neff returns to the front page of the N&O with a piece about a man who feels that way. “I ain’t going nowhere,” Phillips said in a recent interview at the minimum-security Randolph Correctional Center. “Too many fools out there.” Easy to understand that.

High Point: You’ll hit a paywall on this story in the Enterprise. It’s a good one, too, about one of the city’s more dangerous streets. “This is a prostitute street.” And the Enterprise got the information from a public records request.