Sunday sampler

Mother’s Day and college graduations are plastered all over front pages today, as they should be. But you can find other good stories here:

Greensboro: One of the best writers I’ve ever worked with is Mike Kernels. He tells the compelling story of getting a letter out of the blue from his birth mother. And as he asks, “What should I do now?”

Raleigh: The N&O profiles Ashley Christensen, the best chef in America, in a Q&A. And it’s not a Q&A about food in so much as it’s a story about her and her motivations. I like her and plan to make one or two of her restaurants a destination meal.

Asheville: The Citizen-Times has a dramatic story about a 7-month-old who had tumbled 30-feet down into a ravine, allegedly because her mother threw her there. Unfortunately I can’t link to the actual story because of the paywall, but here is an earlier piece about it from USA Today.

Winston-Salem: A state cookie? Now we have to have a state cookie? Well, it’s the Moravian Cookie so, hell, yes.

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